About Us

Introduction of Yourself

Hi! hello friends, how are you?

Today we talk about me.

By the way, there is nothing important to say.


I am an engineering student (BE last year).

And I am doing my engineering from

my college,

“New Horizon Institute of Technology and Management, Thane.”

Before that,

I completed my diploma from the best college,

his name is

“Shivajirao S. Jondhale Polytechnic Asangaon Shahpur.”

Due to this lockdown,

I am bored with sitting at home all the time.

So, I thought to try some interesting.

That’s why I will start this website, I hope you guys like it.

Social Media Account

I have recently created some social media accountants.

In which I will share my bog-related updates.

With which you will know that I am going to write the next blog.

So let’s know about my social media accounts.






About Your Website(two to three facts)

I have created my website on “TRAVEL.”

Because I like to roam and enjoy life.

I am not the only one who likes all this.

I know you all like it too.


So for this,

I am going to bring the beauty of the world to my website.

With which you will know how beautiful your world is.

“You will know that outside the house there is also a very beautiful world.”

and I also guide you as well for your safer travel.

I like sharing knowledge and that’s why I will bring you some interesting topics.

So stay with me and don’t forget to subscribe to my website for new interesting topics.