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Kalsubai Trek

Hi hello, friends. Today we know about “KALSUBAI .”

“KALSUBAI” is the highest mountain peak in MAHARASHTRA.”

Its elevation is 5400 feet above sea level, which is about 1646 meters.

“The village of Bari

belongs to

the Koli Mahadev tribe.”

There is a way to reach Kalasubai’s peak from this village.

There is a small temple of Goddess Kalasubai on the top of the hill.


According to the story of the goddess

Kalsubai was the daughter-in-law of the village.

And she knew a lot about medicinal plants.

โ€œShe served the people of that village using those medicines and cured them.

she helped the people of the village and the rest,

with his knowledge and skills.

she later died.

After his death :

“The Villagers Named the Peak after HIM.

And built a small Temple on the Summit in his Memory.”

In a tribal society, ancestors are considered as gods.

That is why, even today, they consider Kalsubai as their GODDESS.

“Kalsubai is a tribal GODDESS.”

You are also from Sangam village via Bhandare to go to Bari village.

If you are fond of trekking, then this is a great place to visit.

Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra.

The height of the Kalsubai peak is 1646 meters above sea level.

While it is about 900 meters above Bari village in the foothills.

You will not be able to believe that up to half of this height,

rural tribal folk does farming.

To climb upright,

You have to climb a ladder on hard rocks.

Kalsubai | December 2020 | Tourism Path

“With the help of these steps,

you can reach the summit of Kalsubai in 3 to 4 hours comfortably.”


Bhandara Dam is 6 km away from here,

if you want to see its beautiful view, you can also enjoy it.

If you stay there for 2 days, you can see places like Kalsubai, Randha Falls, Konkanada, etc. You can enjoy those places.


The history of Kalasubai is a “LEGEND.”

In ancient times, there was a tribal girl named KALSU.

She was working at Patil’s house.

Before going to work, he laid a condition for Patil that.

I will do other things besides picking up trash and washing dishes.

Once, many guests came to Patil’s house.

It is the mountain of Kalsubai.

Places to see

When you start climbing the hill of Kalsubai,

A new temple of Kalsubai is built in the first phase.

Kalsubai | December 2020 | Tourism Path

The temple is built for the convenience of those who cannot reach the summit.

After this, after crossing the second staircase,

There are two steps carved into the rock,

“People here believe that they are Kalsubai’s step.”

Below the last staircase is a well, and a leaf shed on the side.

At the top is a small temple of Kalasubai.

The temple has enough space to seat about 3 people.

The huge reserves of Bhandardayal attract attention from here.

To the north of this peak is Ramsay, Achla, Ahivant, Saptashrunga.

Makanda, Dhodap, near Rawalya, Kolder are some of the

mountain ranges which can be seen To the east, Aundha, Vishramgarh,

Alang, Madan, Kulang, Matheran, Harishchandragarh attract attention.

reach up to

“The main way

to reach this peak is through Bari village.”

The village ‘Bari’ is just 6 km from Bhandari.

If you want to go to the village of Bari,

So you have to reach Igatpuri on the Mumbai-Nashik route.

ST from Igatpuri to Bhandariyar should reach Bari.

It takes 3 hours to reach the summit from here.

Now an iron ladder has been installed at three places along the way.

Kalsubai | December 2020 | Tourism Path

You can reach the summit in 5 to 6 hours by keeping your things in the village.

After leaving the village, there is a crowd.

If you cross this stream, a temple is found at a distance.

The path behind this temple leads directly to the summit.

If you have your own vehicle, you should reach Ghoti via Mumbai-Kasara.

There is a Bhandara fork on the Ghoti-Sinar route.

The Residence

There is no accommodation at the top.

The top can be accommodated in the shed below.

Or in Bhandarderia or Bari village.

Food Facilities

Kalsubai | December 2020 | Tourism Path

Food is provided in Bari village / Bhandarderia.

At present, tea and bhaji are also available near the well.

Water Supply

On the last step on the way to the summit,

there is a well in front of the ladder.

Since water is not available on the way,

You will not find water on the way, so you should fill the water from the village.

Time To Go

It takes 3 to 4 hours from Bari village.

Location Of Kalsubai



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