Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | July 2021 |Tourism

Shivneri Fort 


Today let’s talk about this amazing content, yes! You heard it right we are talking about “Shivneri Fort “.

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I have written Shivneri fort because

Our Maharaj

Shiv Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born at this place

and Spent his Childhood there.

Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Jun 2021 |Tourism
#Shivneri Fort

Overview: –

Shivneri Fort is one of the ancient and famous forts in Maharashtra we all know that The fort is located in the state of “MAHARASHTRA,”

Near the Junnar city and at a distance of about 105 kilometers from Pune.

I have written Shivneri fort

because our Maharaj


was born at this place and spent his childhood there.

This fort was, declared a National Protected Monument in Maharashtra by the Government of India on 26 May 1909

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born on 19th February 1630 at Shivneri fort.


Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Tourism
Shivneri Fort # Our Maharaj was Born at this place.

The fort has a steep climb on all four sides, and it isn’t easy to conquer.

The fort has a small temple of Goddess Shivai and images of Jijabai and Bal-Shivaji.

The shape of this fort is similar to that of the “LORD SHIVA.” 

Shivneri is even in the city of Junnar. Shivneri fort is visible in Junnar.

The fort is not very big.


These are some Photos or Images that will help you,

To know what is worth seeing here, you will enjoy it all that foe shore.

Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Tourism
#Shivneri Fort


Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Tourism
#Shivneri Fort-Shivling


Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Tourism
Shivneri Fort #Caves


Shivneri Fort | Amazing History Of Shivneri Fort | Tourism
Shivneri Fort #Lake


Shivneri Fort #Temple


WAY to Go To The Fort

The two main routes to the fort pass through Junnar village.

👉 Firstly The way of the chain: –

If you want to reach the fort by this route, after entering the city of Junnar,

Take the road in front of the new bus stand near the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Here the four roads meet.

About a kilometer

After the road on the left, you will find a temple on the road’s right side.

The muddy footpath in front of the temple leads directly to one of the Shivneri fort’s ramparts.

The top can reach with the help of chains attached to the wall and steps dug in the rock.

The wait is a bit difficult, and it takes half an hour to reach the fort.


👉 Secondly seven doors of the way: –

If you leave the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the left side of the road,

The asphalt road takes you to the steps of the fort.

It takes seven gates to reach the fort.

The first big door,

The second Peer Door,

The third Permit Gate,

The fourth Hatti Darwaza,

The fifth Shipai Door,

The sixth Phatak Door,

And the seventh Kulabkar door.

It takes one and a half hours to reach the fort by this route.


History Of Shivneri Fort: –

1)‘Jirnanagar’, ‘Junior,’ i.e. Junnar is a famous village since BC.

This Saka was the capital of King Nahpana.

2)Satavahana king Gautamiputra Satkarni destroyed the Sakas and

established his dominance over Junnar and all the surrounding areas.

Naneghat is an ancient trade route.

This route has significant traffic.

The forts on this route were built to keep an eye on it.

Shivneri Fort #Door


3)After the Satavahanas came to power they dug caves in many places

After the Satavahanas,

Shivneri was under the rule

of the

Chalukyas and the Rashtrakutas.

Between 1170 and 1308, the Yadavas established their kingdom here.

And during this period Shivneri got the appearance of a fort.

4)AD In 1443, Malik-ul-Tujar defeated the local Koli chiefs who were in service during the Yadava period and captured the fort.

Thus the fort came under the rule of Bahmani.

AD In 1470, Malik Muhammad, the representative of Malik-ul-Tujar, besieged the fort and recaptured it.

After the death of Malik Mohammad’s father in 1446, Nizamshahi was established.

Later in 1493, the capital was shifted from the fort to Ahmednagar.

AD. In 1565, Sultan Murtija Nizam imprisoned his brother Qasim in this fort.

Behind the History

5) after This In 1595, the fort and the province of Junnar came under Maloji Raje Bhosale.

After the assassination of Jijabai’s father Jadhavrao in 1629, when Jijamata was pregnant, Shahaji took her with him to Shivneri overnight with 500 horse riders.

‘Jijau made a vow to Sribhavanimata

Shivai at Shivneri fort,

if you have a son, I will name you.

6) Shake 1551 Shukla Naam Sanvatsare, Falgun Vadya III, Shivaji Raje was born after sunset on Friday.

The date was February 19, 1630, AD. Jijabai left the fort with Shivaji in 1632 and the fort fell to the Mughals in 1637.

Shivneri Fort # Beautiful Door

7) In the year 1632, Sidhoji Vishwasrao was the fort keeper.

 His daughter was married to Shahaji’s son Sambhaji Raje.

8) In the battle of Junnar, Shahajiputra Thorale Sambhaji Raje had achieved greatness.

Junnar was like this in Moghlai and Shivneri under Nizamshahit.

9) In the year 1650, Mahadev Kolya revolted against the Mughals.

It was led by Sarnaik and Khemaji Raghatwan, the fort keeper.

The Mughals won.

Later  In 1673, King Shivaji made an unsuccessful attempt to fortify

the fort by enclosing Aziz Khan, the fort chief of Shivneri.

10) During Shivaraya’s campaign in the north, Peshwa Moropant Pingale tried to take Shivneri, but he failed.

It is recorded that Shivaraya did not conquer Janjira and Shivneri in his life.

There are also forts like Chavand, Hudsar, and Jeevdhan which are under Swarajya.

Struggle Face By The Maratha:-

1) A man named Ababhat converted and entered the Mughals.

Aurangzeb appointed him as the fort keeper of Shivneri. Of these, Aziz Khan was the mightiest.

Shivneri Fort # Beautiful Doors

2) AD. In 1678, Junnar province was looted, and the Marathas tried again to capture the fort but failed.

38 years later, in 1716, Shahum Maharaj brought the fort under Maratha rule,

and later it was handed over to the Peshwas.

3) AD. After the Peshwa-Angre war of 1755, Nana Saheb Peshwa had imprisoned Tulaji at Shivneri.

Tulagi had enlisted the help of local Koli chiefs for his release.

Therefore, it is recorded in the Peshwa Daftar that Nana Saheb got angry

and confiscated the lands, lands, and lands of the Koli Sardar.

4) AD. The change of administration made by Madhavrao Peshwa

In 1764 resulted in a revolt of soldiers at Shivneri and Purandar forts.

Ramchandra Shivaji Mane sacked the soldiers at Shivneri.

Ramchandra Mane had informed Raghobadada on Saturday 15th September 1764 in a letter

that it was going to be difficult to quell the revolt.

In the same way that the Mahadev Koli community suddenly gathers and attacks, in the same way, that they took possession of forts like Jeevdhan, Chavand, Hudsar like the guerrillas.

Later, Udho revolted against Shivneri to oppose Vishweshwar’s policies.

Shivneri Fort # Beautiful View From Fort

5) In the year 1765, Mahadev Kolya made another revolt.

This rebellion was led by Deshmukh / Naik Santaji Shelkande of Junnar’s Maval.

Also, the Untold Story.

In this, he took possession of Shivneri.

To quell this revolt, Barbhai and Sawai Madhavrao from Pune sent guards to the aid of Udho Vishweshwar.

Santaji, however, managed to escape. The persecution of the Peshwas was due to repeated rebellions.

Later in the year 1771, Nana Phadnis made a treaty with Santaji and gave him

the chieftaincy and reinstated the soldiers at Shivneri.

6) During the Peshwa period, Shivneri was used for prisoners.

Prisoners at Shivneri fort were also released on some happy occasions. Sawai Madhavrao was born on 18th April 1774.

The Barbhai Mandal released the prisoners at Shivneri and Narayangad for this joyous occasion.

It is recorded that over time, the prison at Shivneri collapsed.

7) On 1st May 1818, Major Aldridge besieged the Shivneri fort. The fort keeper fought the fort for some time.

History later records that he left the fort and took refuge in the fort of Hudsar.

Shivneri Fort

How to Go: –

all you people can use these paths to go to Shivneri.


From Mumbai via Malshej:-

On the way to Junnar, after crossing Malshej Ghat,

At 8 to 9 km, there is a sign saying ‘Shivneri 19 km’ on the side of the road.

This route goes from Ganesh Khindi to Shivneri fort. 

It takes one day from Mumbai to reach the fort by this route.


From Pune via Narayangaon:-


About 75 km from Pune to Narayangaon.

At a distance of 15 km via Pune-Nashik and then via Narayangaon-Junnar.

There is no direct connection from Pune to Shivneri Fort.

However, you can take the train to Ghorawadi then take the taxi to Shivneri Fort.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Shivneri Fort.



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