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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Tripura

Top10 Best Places To Visit In Tripura

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Tripura You know Tripura is a cultural hotspot for all of India’s northeastern states.

The most prominent tourist attractions in Tripura include heritage and historical monuments, temples dating back hundreds of years, wildlife locations, and the strong arts and crafts sector.

Those searching for ecological hotspots on their Tripura vacation will not be disappointed; the state is rich with them.

Tripura is one of those Indian vacation locations that appeal to families, groups of friends, couples, and single travelers alike.

Tripura is a beautiful state in northeastern India, and it is the country’s third-smallest state, with 10,491.69 km2 and bordered on the north, south, and west by Bangladesh, and on the east by the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram.

Capital:- Agartala

Location:– Northeast India

1. Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala

Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala
#Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala

The palace was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by the Tripura king, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, and stands on a small lake surrounded by Mughal gardens.

It was the home of the ruling Manikya dynasty until Tripura acceded to India in October 1949.

The palace was purchased from the royal family by the Tripura government in 1972-73 for Rs. 2.5 million, and was used to house the state legislative assembly until July 2011.

Ujjayanta Palace is currently a state museum that exhibits the lifestyles, arts, culture, heritage, and utilitarian crafts of northeast Ind

Location:-Palace Compound, Indranagar, Agartala, Tripura 799001

Famous For:-Ujjayanta Palace is presently a State Museum. It fundamentally grandstands the way of life, expressions, culture, custom, and utility artworks of networks living in upper east India, alongside a ton of stone models, the money of the Manikya line, and some different antiques.

The best Time to visit:-The best and ideal opportunity to visit Agartala is in winter. During that time, the environment is gentle and lovely for touring.

Visiting Time:-Ujjayanta Palace open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fee:-20 INR per visitor.

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2. Neermahal, Melaghar

Neermahal, Melaghar
#Neermahal, Melaghar

Neer-Mahal, also known as the “lake palace” of Tripura, was built as a vacation home.

It was Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur’s idea to build a palace in the beautiful Rudrasagar lake.

In 1921, he accredited the British company Martin and Burns to construct the castle for him.

The project took the business nine years to complete.


Famous For:- The castle is the foundation of the Maharaja’s incredible taste and his interesting thought of mixing Medieval Hindu and Muslim customs and societies. The court is isolated into two sections. The western side of the royal residence is known as Andar Mahal. It was made for the regal family.

The best time to visit:-You can likewise visit Neermahal Palace during April to encounter the Neermahal Water Festival or in December for the Neermahal Festival.

We were visiting Time:- any time during the day.

Entry Fee: There are two sorts of charges; first, you need to get a ticket for the boat (INR 10-20… don’t recall precisely), and afterward, there is a section expense at the entryway of the castle (INR 80 to the extent I remember).07

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3. Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Bishalgarh

Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Bishalgarh
#Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Bishalgarh

It’s a wooded area with a man-made lake and botanical and zoological gardens.

The clouded leopard enclosures are well-known.

A wide range of birds, primates, and other creatures may be found in the sanctuary.

Except for the two hot summer months of March and April, the landscape is green all year and the temperature is moderate.

It gives shelter to about 150 species of birds and the unique bespectacled monkey, Phayre’s langur.

Location:- Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary Ticket Counter

Famous For:- It’s anything but a forest with a counterfeit lake and regular herbal and zoological nurseries. It is famous for its obfuscated panther-fenced-in areas. The asylum contains an assortment of birds, primates, and different creatures.

Distance from:-

  •  Nearest Airport: 29 Kms,
  • Railway Station: Bishagarh mura para-8 Kms.
  • Inter-City Bus Station/Terminus: Bishalgarh Bus stand-6 Kms.
  • Local City Bus Stand: 3 Kms.
  • Best time to visit:- Any Time 

Visiting Time:- 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Weekly Closure Day:- Friday

Entry Fee:- Indian National Grown-up: Rs. 12, Children: Rs. 8, Far off National Rs. 100

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4. Tripura Sundari Temple, Udaipur

Tripura Sundari Temple, Udaipur
#Tripura Sundari Temple, Udaipur

Pop0ularly known as Matabari, it crowns in a small hillock and is served by the red-robed priests, who traditionally ministered to the mother goddess Tripura Sundari.

It is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, consisting of a square type sanctum of the typical Bengali hut.

Sati’s right foot is said to have fallen here during Lord Shiva’s Dance.

Location:- Shri Tripura Sundari Shaktipeeth

Famous For:- Tripura Sundari Temple is a Hindu sanctuary of Goddess Tripura Sundari, better referred to locally as Devi Tripureshwari. The shelter is arranged in the old city of Udaipur, around 55 km from Agartala, Tripura, and can be reached via train and street from Agartala.

The most effective method to reach:-

  • Via Air:-The closest sanctuary to the sanctuary is Maharaja Bikram Bir Airport in Agartala, a good ways off of around 65 km.
  • By Rail:- Udaipur railhead is only 3 km away from the Tripura Sundari sanctuary. Agartala rail route station is likewise close to the refuge, a good ways off of roughly 50 km.
  • By Road:- Udaipur city has excellent availability with every one of the significant urban communities in Tripura. Since Agartala lies a good ways off of around 60 km, it has regular transport administration, which can be taken to arrive at the sanctuary.

Visiting Time:-

  • Days Temple Darshan Session:- dev Darshan Timings
  • Temple Summer Opening Timings:- 05:00
  • Morning Summer Darshan Timings:- 06:00 to 13:00
  • Temple Break Timings(in Summer):- 13:00 to 14:30
  • Evening Summer Darshan Timings:- 14:30 to 21:00
  • Temple Summer Closing Timings:- 21:00
  • Temple Winter Opening Timings:- 05:30
  • Morning Summer Darshan Timings:- 07:00 to 13:00
  • Temple Break Timings(in Winter):- 13:00 to 14:30
  • Evening Winter Darshan Timings:- 14:30 to 20:30
  • Temple Summer Closing Timings:- 20:30

Entry Fee:- Free of cost

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5. Mahamuni, Manubankul village

Mahamuni, Manubankul village
# Mahamuni, Manubankul village

At Mahamuni, a magnificent pagoda was also constructed.

A well-known week-long fair is held every year in the months of March and April.

The Temple attracts thousands of Buddhist and non-Buddhist pilgrims from every corner of the state and neighboring countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Srilanka, and Bangladesh.

Location:- Mahamuni Buddha Mandir

Famous For:-Buddha sanctuary at Manu Bankul, South Tripura: Mahamuni is arranged at the Manubankul town, north Eastern piece of Sabroom Sub-Division of South Tripura. It is celebrated for its old Buddhist religious community.

Best time to visit:- March-April

Visiting Time:-is from morning 6 AM to evening 7 PM.

Entry Fee:– Free of cost.

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6. Gunabati Temples, Udaipur

Gunabati Temples, Udaipur
#Gunabati Temples, Udaipur

You know It was built in Her Highness Maharani Gunabati (Wife of Maharaja Govinda Manikya) in 1668 A.D.

The two other temples also bear a contemporary look, but their actual history is still unveiled.

The architecture of these temples resembles other contemporary temples of Tripura, except that the topmost parts are without Stupa.

Location:- Gunabati Group of Temples.

Famous For:- Gunavati Group of Temples is situated by the bustling restricted paths of Udaipur. This is a gathering of block-constructed sanctuaries, nearby one another – 3 of them. The sovereign worked the shelters in recognition of Lord Vishnu.08

Best time to visit:- The best season to visit Udaipur is during the long periods of October to May.

Entry Fee:- Free of cost

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7. Unakoti, Kailasaha

Unakoti, Kailasaha
#Unakoti, Kailasaha

It means one less than a crore, and it is said that these many rock-cut carvings are available here.

According to Hindu legend, Lord Shiva stopped here for the night while traveling to Kashi with one crore gods and goddesses.

He summoned all the gods and goddesses to awaken before dawn and travel to Kashi.

No one else could get up in the morning save Shiva, therefore Lord Shiva cursed the rest to become stone figures and headed off for Kashi himself.

As a result, we have less than crore stone images and carvings at Unakoti.

Location:- Kailasahar

Famous For:- Home to the most significant bass help models in India, Unakoti is renowned for its enormous stone and rock-cut figures that have been cut out from the slope. It is promptly evident that amazingly talented artisans made these carvings.

Best time to visit:- October to April are the best period to visit.

Duration of Visit:-Around 3 to 4 hours

Entry Fee:- Rs. 0.0 per person no entry fee

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8. Heritage Park, Agartala

Heritage Park, Agartala
#Heritage Park, Agartala

The entrance to the park has an imposing gate, which depicts the rich tribal and nontribal cultural heritage of Tripura.

The park has three parts, viz.

(i) mini- Tripura located in about three-acre of land at the entrance

(ii) The core section is being transformed into a natural woodland, and

(iii) a plain tableland with medicinal plants, herbs, and shrubs.

There is also a walking track of 1.1 kilometers running along the periphery of the park.

Location:- Heritage Park

Famous For:- The 12 section of the land park is covered by a 1.1 KM long park pathway that interfaces the three parts of the Heritage Park in particular – The Mini Tripura, the Natural Forest, and the Medicinal Plant Table Top are all miniature versions of Tripura. The primary fascination of the legacy park is that it offers the voyagers every one of the kinds of Tripura at an isolated spot.

Duration of Visit:- 2 hrs

Entry Fee:-Entrance fee is INR 10/-.

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9. Kamala Sagar Lake

Kamala Sagar Lake
#Kamala Sagar Lake

Maharaja Dhanya Manikya excavated a vast lake on the border with Bangladesh in the 15th century.

On the riverbank of Kamala Sagar, there is a famous temple of Goddess Kali dating back to the 16th century.

It is one of the state’s best picnic places, with breathtaking splendor.

You know mela is held here every October during the Navaratri festival.

Location:- Kamal Sagar Lake

Famous For:-Unsourced material might be tested and taken out. Kamalasagar is an artificial lake in Tripura, India, that was created in the fifteenth century by King Dhanya Manikya of Tripura and is a popular picnic site. A mela is held there each October during the Navaratri celebration.

Best time to visit:- Any time During the day

Duration of Visit:- up to you how much time want to spend.

Entry Fee:- Free

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10. Jampui Hill

Jampui Hill
#Jampui Hill

You know that the average elevation of this mountain range is about 1000 meters above sea level.

The view of the rising and setting sun from various viewpoints in the Jampui hills is a beautiful sight for tourists, which you will also like.

And to tell you, there are 11 villages on this hill which are occupied by various tribes, which gives tourists a chance to see the preserved life and tradition of the tribal people.

Location:- Jampui Hill

Famous For:-Jampui is popular for its enchanting scene and propping environment. The superb climatic condition, green woods, delightful orange nursery, perspective on rising and sunset are magnificent sights for vacationers. The slope range has 11 towns occupied by Mizo (Lushai clans) and by Reang clans.

Best time to visit:- The stormy season and the long stretch of November (for the Orange Festival) is the best and ideal opportunity to visit this spot.

Timing:– Sunrise to sunset

Duration of Visit:- 2 to 3 hrs

Entry Fee:- Free

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